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21 March 2009

Kate Puzey

I never knew her, and you few folks who read this, you probably didn't either. But this week I have thought about her. Her family in Georgia, just 2 hours from where we raised our own kids. The loss of a child. The village in rural Benin, where they are mourning her death, March 11, a murder. Our own Peace Corps experience, many years ago, in Afghanistan. Our daughter, a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger right now. Danger, the random finger of death. That there are no guarantees, wherever you live, whatever you do, however old you may be.

But, I suppose I know a few things about this girl: that she followed her heart, that she was loved, that the world is certainly a better place because of what she did: what more could most of us say? She lived a life of value, and although I never knew her, I am so sorry she is gone, and I ache for her family.

Her memorial service was held today in Atlanta.


  1. That is terribly sad. The state of the world is certainly depressing. I hate loosing one of our best.

  2. Than you Barry. This was a hard one for us to read about.


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