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24 June 2009

Barbie's big day

The fashion shoot that I had planned with my pristine vintage Barbie did not go especially well. I dressed her in her adorable corduroy dress and apron, but against the backdrop of my messy kitchen, she didn't look that great.

Hmm...just look at this!

Here I am with my matching potholders and complete set of clean, organized kitchen utensils, and I can hardly even see this kitchen because of these people's mess.

And who is this? Is she about to fling that ball?

At this point John had begun taking over Barbie's poses. I was more interested in changing her outfits. Her clothes are really quite fetching, as you can see in the next picture. But I should have been keeping my eye on John.

Ah, the great outdoors. This is more like it! I think I'll go for a walk.

Oooh, that cat looks kind of hungry. This calls for a costume change...isn't there something to hide behind?

A women's co-op in Afghanistan recently made little Barbie burqas, and I thought this might be a good chance to have Barbie try one on for size. Islamic Revolution Barbie! I think she is still revealing too much of her blue jeans, though.

What camel? I don't see any camel. This is Oregon; don't be silly.

Another costume change, and by this time John had completely taken over the project, deciding that he might make a movie.

I am going for a nice walk with my doggie.

Do you like my orange sweater with tiny brass buttons? Oh look! It's a bunny!

Hey, stop chasing that bunny! Come back here this minute!

This minute, I say!!

What's that I hear behind me?

John, completely in charge now (and wildly excited by the power of film-making) allowed the event to transform from a simple fashion show to a violence-ridden bloodletting.

In the end, I made him create a peaceful conclusion, with everybody being friends, but the resulting photo is unconvincing:


  1. 1. i'm hooked
    2. if she were my barbie, she'd never change out of that VERY fetching blue skirt. i would LOVE one of those and i'd never take it off.
    3. you should probably never let my girls get their hands on that barbie. she'd end up swimming in the bath, where there are dinosaurs, hobos and (gasp!) gnomes.
    (ps - my word verification is "stripsy". is this like when you've had a wee bit much to drink and things get carried away?)

  2. ok, sorry, but the NEXt word verification is "treatsi". get a little tipsy, there's a little stripsy...

  3. I love the picture with Alfonzo!! He's larger than life in that one :)

  4. I know!! Don't you just have to love that powder blue skirt with a little felt birdhouse, and a bluebird? Hand sewn! Those were the good old days.

    But, yeah, Barbie has just enough of Lilli in her that I don't doubt the tipsy-stripsy treatsi inclination! Bad bad Lilli.

    Alfonzo is a freakin' monster, all day, every day. You couldn't trust him alone with Barbie for a minute.

  5. well that was fun, good show. it was enlightening to know that barbie knows her way around the kitchen. she has been so busy the past 20 years trying out all the new careers I thought she may have forgotten that cooking (and ckeaning?) is an art also.


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