Reub's journey

25 August 2009


From Niamey we got a ride with a Peace Corps vehicle going to Hamdallaye, where the Peace Corps conducts its 9 week-long intensive training for prospective new volunteers. Jessica wanted to make the trip to visit her "mom," the patient, nurturing woman who shared her hut, her cooking, and her knowledge with J during those first nine weeks in Niger.

A view of a small village on the way to Hamdallaye.

Looking down on Hamdallaye from the Peace Corps training center

Jessica, with her host mom, who gave her the Nigerien name that has stuck: Samsiye

Checking out a new baby

A group of trainees listening as J has just been asked to give an impromptu introduction to the Konni region

We had to wait for awhile for a bush taxi ride out of Hamdallaye. As we waited we watched a couple of skanky, scantily clad French nurses saunter down the street, unaware of the commotion in their wake: unbroken stares from the men, disapproving glares from the women, stifled giggles from the young girls. Jessica, in her long loose clothing and headwrap, was disgusted and unforgiving. "They look like whores," she muttered.

Yep, she has acclimated. And sorry guys, we didn't take any photos of those French nurses; I'll leave it to your active imaginations.

All photos courtesy of John Bliss.


  1. Darn, I missed the skanky, scantily clad French nurses.

    Just my luck.

    Although really they should have known better and been more respectful.

  2. They were probably really nice girls.


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