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18 September 2009

My Town Shoot-Out: Domesticated animals

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by Sandy from Arizona: "Domesticated Animals."

All photos shot in or near Corvallis, Oregon.

With a blog named after the family dogs, you can imagine how pleased I was when this assignment came along!

A walking loop that we often do with the dogs takes us through Bald Hill Farm, private property that not only has allowed public access, but has built this little shelter if you want to sit and watch their animals. I frequently buy beef and lamb from them. This is about 5K from our house.

These Bald Hill Farm bulls lead a charmed life. I suppose they fathered the beef I have been buying; when I see them they are always either eating or sleeping in their lovely pasture with views of the Cascades to the east and the Coast Range to the west. They pay no attention to the dozens of passers-by each day.

The horses in a neighboring field are super friendly though.

And the blackberries are begging to be picked along the way; Reuben gorged himself on these this week.

The nearby grass seed farms typically raise sheep, like those you see here.

We have several pet stores in town. This one is called Animal Crackers. Look at the wall of dog toys! When I was a kid, my dog's only toy was a knotted-up sock, how primitive.

At Animal Crackers they always have cats from the local humane society. This kitty, clean and friendly, puts our own cat to shame. I hope somebody adopts her soon.

This is Alfonzo, our cat: a compete mess because he likes to roll in the dirt, and then bite you. That's what can happen when you adopt a feral animal; good thing we like grumpy cats around here. He looks like he's impersonating a skunk, which is kind of charming.

After Labor Day the public swimming pool closes, but on their very last day they have a benefit for the humane society: for $10 you can bring your dog to the pool for the afternoon to swim and play ball. Here's Eddy retrieving his tennis ball (and I do mean HIS ball, which he brought from home.)

Eddy is a Portuguese Water Dog; that's him on the right with two of his cousins on the left, everybody soaking wet. A good time was had by all at the public pool.

Sometimes we head just one hour west,to the Pacific Ocean. Eddy is swimming through the cold water up to a huge downed log on the beach. The Oregon coast is so beautiful, with public access to it everywhere; I love going there.

We take Ed and Reub on hikes and backpacking trips, usually in the Cascades (about an hour and half away.) This is John's glam shot of Reub, lake water pouring off his coat, on just such a trip. It's hard to believe this boy languished in two shelters before we brought him home.

I am making it sound like it's all fun-and-games here in Domesticated Animal Land, but those of you who have pets know how exasperating they can sometimes be. Take last week for example, when I was trying to photograph the old chair in the back yard. It had been drizzling and I had tossed my rain hat on the chair, then thought "Hey that looks aged and weathered; I think I'll take a picture..." Ha!
(It's a short slide show: 27 seconds)

If you read Reub's shoot-out in August, then I guess you already know he is not always where he is supposed to be.


  1. great shots. Your dog loves water, mine tends to avoid. what a great idea for a fundraiser for the humane society!

  2. That is so neat that the pool has a dog day once in a while. Great Shoot-Out!

  3. Oh my gosh, you had me cracking up! Your comments and photos are really wonderful...I love Reub gorging himself on berries, the wall o dog toys, and the cat that rolls around in the dirt and bites you - LOL!

    Great post!

  4. I love the idea of a pool party for dogs. That is the coolest thing I have ever heard. Your dogs are wonderful. I love the shot of Reub on the rock. He's beautiful. The slide show at the end is hilarious. I love it. Great shoot out.

  5. The Goodman pool over by the collesium also has a dog only day after Labor Day. I think they said they had 1000 dogs this year! YIKES!!

  6. Every ani,al should have an owner like you. You take the cats. I'll take the dogs. Terrific stuff!

  7. Reub at the lake - what a wonderful shot! I think the pool party to raise money for the humane society is truly inspired - and looked to be such fun, too.

  8. Love the "glam" shot - the colors are beautiful. The dogs at the water park is so funny. Bet it's a good fundraiser.

  9. a very nice series of shots here! the animals all look so healthy and happy. love the day at the water park for the dogs. what a cool idea! have a wonderful weekend!

  10. LOL it's the kiddos with me..uhmmm hon could you just step that way a little as I try to catch this bee..your in the light sweety...LOL! Wonderful post hon!!
    What an amazing idea for the humane society!! I bet that draws the dogs and owners in!!! Wow!!!
    I just love your posts!! Always fun!! Sarah

  11. Awww, so many of you out there live near or on farms...Jealous! I love your doggy treats in the banner, and notice some change it according to the assignment each week!

  12. great pics! And what a great event!

  13. Wonderful photos and commentary. I hope some adopts that kitty.

    I love your cat and dog. The blackberry photo reminded me of deceased dog. When we lived in Georgia, we had about 100 blueberries bushes on our river porperty. Our dog would eat them all day, and she took them off the tree so gently. Odd that dogs would like berries. Perhaps because they see us eating them.

    Great shots, all.

  14. That glam shot of Reub is just stunning. I love your entire post.

  15. $10 for a day at the pool with my dogs!!! How cool would that be! And the money goes to a good cause to boot. I also enjoyed the slideshow at the end, yes, they can be frustrating but we love them nonetheless.

  16. I think Ed & Reuben have pretty wonderful life! Love the idea of the humane society letting the dogs in on the last day! I'm sure they had a BALL!!!

  17. I like Alfonzo, a cat with attitude. Good for him.

    Here they have a dog swim on the last day of the public pools. We didn't go because we've been spending a lot of time at the lake this year, but I'd love to see some of my guys playing in the pool.


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