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27 September 2009

Small wonders

The week has been peppered with worries. So when the weekend came at last I really did not want to go over the anxieties regarding my brother's cancer prognosis, my 88 year old mother's progressive arthritis, my own high BP and subsequent Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, the lack of health insurance available for our three kids, or (this ranks right up there) how the heck I will ever make room for parents of 110 art students in my messy classroom on Tuesday's Open House.

Turns out, there is escape at hand in the most surprising places.

First of all, my tiny Venus Flytrap ate (is eating...this will take days) her first insect. The insect had just managed to drown itself in a pot of water, so I didn't even feel bad about putting it into the flytrap, which snapped shut around it instantly: magic!

At the farmers' market we bought apples that are green outside, pink inside, as lovely as seashells.

The healing powers of a nine week old springer spaniel puppy are so vast, at least for me, that it is a wonder these little guys aren't available at all the pharmacies.

The season for Japanese Lanterns is here! Is it October yet?
Almost. October is almost here, and that is a lovely thought.


  1. Oh lady. I hear you, and I'm grateful you are open to the healing powers of small wild (and not so wild) things. I have a poem to send you...

  2. ps - i have never witnessed my various carniverous plants eating anything larger than a gnat, and they absolutely ignored my fruit flies.yours is COOL!

  3. I like the way you move beyond the worries you cannot control and enjoy all the beauty that is available throughout the day. Puppies are definately as good as therapy.


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