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04 September 2009

Windows and doors

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by Kerri, from Canada: Windows and Doors.

All photos shot in Corvallis, Oregon.

At first I thought this sign might be a joke, because it was sitting at the side of a railroad track, pointing to oblivion. Where is Bashful Bob's? Turns out there really is a Bashful Bob's (he's just really shy, located about two blocks away) and I thought his sign would be an appropriate intro to this week's theme.

This is the door to the Benton County Courthouse, scene of many small-town dramas. I felt that its sign "WATCH YOUR STEP" was kind of intimidating. ("Yes, yer honor, I will watch my step from now on...")

I took a bunch of pictures, mostly on the campus at Oregon State University located here in Corvallis. Here's one of the old Poultry Science building, saved from demolition and lovingly restored into a small conference center/lodge.

Door to the neighboring (seriously cute) Incubator House, also fixed up with a little apartment for rent.

Entrance to the campus art gallery

And there's a place on campus called the "Women's Building" (nice door)

This is the entrance to Memorial Union on campus. Like several other buildings here, it is decorated with the school mascot: a beaver. Make that two beavers.

I wish he weren't such a testy-looking little fellow.

This is a doorknob. I guess I would be testy too, with people grabbing my tail all day long.

Inside the Memorial Union I suddenly had the urge to sign up for a class.
This is college!?! Wow. OK. I'm in!!


  1. great photos. I love old architecture. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Great shots - I love arched doorways.

  3. Brilliant pictures, just beautiful! I love the beavers too especially the door knob and your accompanying comment!

  4. Awesome shots of campus - I love the big, arched windows above the doorways.

  5. I like the entrance to the art gallery and your last photo is magazine quality. Very, very good. Your shots are wonderful.

  6. I too love these photos. The last photo is wonderful, the beavers are fun..great job! You did the assignment proud.

  7. Very nice, Kerry! You brighten my day. I enjoyed researching your town for "Whose Town Izit". Hope you saw it. on the blog.

  8. Those are some very scholarly doors. (I had a good laugh at Bashful Bob's - what a perfect intro)

  9. Wow! You out did yourself! These are great.
    Happy weekend!

  10. Wow what a beautiful school!!! Wow!! I wanna go there!!! Beautiful shots - love the beavers!! Sarah

  11. Oh, I'll take a class with you, that campus is just beautiful!

    Ed and Reub are such cuties, I'd love to photograph them. :)

  12. I loved the signs you discovered. Good old Bashful Bob got first place on you list of photos! Not too shabby for someone so bashful!

    But I think my favourite was the last photo with the two women under the enormous window in that fabulous light.

  13. Kerry I loved them all, but the last one is really nice!

  14. What a treasure chest!

    How pleased I am to meet you. (And you are SO absolutely right about the horse in my story.)

    I'm looking forward to doing a bit of back-reading here to catch up!

  15. Wow - you found some beautiful doors & windows!
    And better a beaver than a duck!
    That is coming from a Husky fan ;)

  16. Geez, kinda makes me wanna teach there!


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