Reub's journey

14 November 2009


I am lucky to have a job where it's usually easy to have fun; well, at least I think it's fun being in an art room all day, full of messy stuff and fragrant with clay and tempera paints. It makes the days go by quickly.
Of course not everything is enjoyable. If only there were a way to make it so. I like to watch VW's videos on The Fun Theory because they give me hope that there are always ways to turn Not-So-Fun into Fun. My favorite part in the "The Piano Staircase" is watching people change their minds about the escalator versus the steps. I also love the guy who goes up the steps with his two dogs! He might have been one of the few people to take the stairs anyway, because dogs have the good sense not to trust escalators in the first place.


  1. I saw this somewhere else recently...perhaps Facebook. It did make me smile.

  2. i love it!!! i absolutely makes it all worthwhile.


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