Reub's journey

28 December 2009

Family time

It's been a big week here, with both Jessica returning from Niger and Christopher visiting from New York. There were travel delays and lost baggage but everything worked out just fine. The quiet house has filled up with activity and Ed and Reub are having a good time keeping track of the family. (They can hardly believe their good luck: so many people to play with and crawl into bed with!)
J is getting used to the climate, but is pictured here eating breakfast (spinach omelette made by Christopher) in a down jacket and hoodie. Oregon is approximately 50 degrees colder than Niger right now.

Walking the dogs on Christmas, we found frost on the top of the hill.

But at the beach it was springlike, almost warm.

We love having Chrystal join the family, and the idea that it will be official on March 20!


  1. The lucky fairy has certainly visited your family. Lovely photos, especially the beach and hill shots!

  2. oh i love you guys. we have really missed our tradition of christmas in oregon - one or the other of us mentioned it every day this past week...thank you for the photos! soak it up!!!


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