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23 January 2010

Backwards singers

Jessica is in Seattle this weekend visiting a good friend who has just asked J to participate in her wedding, to be held this summer on Mt. Ranier. The groom will be Marty Ballew, teacher of the high school video production class responsible for the backwards lip dub that has been making the rounds of YouTube and Facebook for a couple of weeks now. The video is shown below, but you can go here to see how they made it (and to get a look at Marty himself, flown to NYC with his student director to be on the Rachael Ray Show). In fact you might want to do this first so that you can appreciate the final product. Crazy! What's up with "ERK" = "TRUE" backwards? Figuring out how to say "You make my dreams come true" backwards, while singing it and dancing backwards...whew. I sure couldn't do this.

I can't even do it frontwards.

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