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29 January 2010

Friday shoot-out: Look up, look down

The idea of the Friday My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday. This week's assignment was chosen by the Town Blogger Team.

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon.

If you are downtown and looking up, hopefully you will see the gargoyles that grace the post office:

Apropos of no other building in town, they are my favorite feature of all.

I mean, why not? We're a long way from Europe, but we can pretend.

Downtown, looking down, you will notice the donor stars reflected here in the glass door of the renovated Majestic Theater.

Anywhere else in this part of Oregon, you will look up to see trees. There are lots of oaks in the valley.

And Douglas Fir are everywhere. This is the mainstay of the western Oregon forests: they are sooooo tall.

I got a face full of snow a split second after trying to take a picture of this eagle's nest high in a tree.

With so many trees it makes sense that when you look down, you'll see leaves. This one is valentine-y.

I finally discarded a Christmas poinsettia and it dropped its leaves all the way to the compost bin: this leaf caught a few of the billions of raindrops that have fallen recently.

Ed and Reub have been lobbying for more visibility in FSO. Reub is always looking down for something to sniff or play with, so I guess he deserves a shot.

Ed, on the other hand, believes in keeping his eye on the ball.

Maybe they can have some space in next week's post; I don't know, we'll see...


  1. Nice combination of photos for the theme.

  2. Wow great photos! I love leaves, Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and the one with water drops is perfection!

    Your take on the theme is wonderful!

  3. The post office building is nice, as is that tree with the squiggled branches!

  4. That is one impressive post office you have there...

    I find myself drawn to empty nests every time I turn around. Glad you thought to share one with us :)

  5. I love architectural photos so of course I think your shot of the post office is fabulous. I also like the reflections of the stars and the last photo of Ed and Rheub is wonderful. I love to see dogs joyfully playing. Great shoot out.

  6. Good job you spotted the eagle's nest. I always like the water droplets.

    Great photos.

  7. I loved the water droplets on the poinsettia, however you choose to pronounce it; and the gnarled tree limbs against the sky.

    Barry & Linda.

  8. I vote for more of Ed and Reub. After all, it is their blog. Great shots! Even the ones that were not of E & R.

  9. Love the gargoyles! The last picture is really neat too. Nice work!

  10. A good selection of great photos here, I'm having a tough time choosing my favorite!

  11. Yay for Ed and Reub!!! I LOVE the ball in the air - a shot I could never get.

    Thanks for your kind and generous words - can you believe my mess up? I guess I was determined to do a good job on your assignment.

    I really do so enjoy your blog; your photos make my soul smile. I loved the snow flying from the eagle's nest tree!


  12. Brilliant pic at the end - of course I'm a bit partial. :)

  13. Sorry you got a face full of snow--that must have been chilling! I really loved both of your leaf shots.

  14. Those gargoyles are terrific!

  15. Great shots! I like the heart shaped leaf so much and the branches of the tree

  16. I'm with Gordon, et al, I love your E&R stories. I love the bare tree branches. NanU gave us some also - really shows the difference between our towns.

  17. I swear you have the sweetest looking dogs in North America - they're simply adorable. Your two leaf shots are fabulous.


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