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15 January 2010

Haiti: how do you help?

Photo from UK Daily Mail

As you know, Haiti needs help. Be careful, and avoid scammers.
This list is a place to start. Partners In Health might be one group that you haven't heard about.

This book is about Paul Farmer, responsible for that organization's establishment in Haiti, 20 years ago.

On their way: photo from the Washington Post

Save the Children is another of the hundreds of groups trying to help in Haiti; their buildings are among the few that made it through the quake unscathed. They are acting as host, allowing a number of other aid groups- who were not so lucky- to set up temporary headquarters on Save the Children's grounds. I just gave them a small donation.


  1. There's an internet group called Knitters Without Borders that has been raising money for Doctors Without Borders for several years now. It shows what generous people knitters and crafters are.

  2. I should learn how to knit. I really should.

  3. Our local TV stations have done us a great service by vetting established charities and posting a list of those with whom its safe to donate.

    My wife's school made a collection on Friday and both Linda and I made healthy contributions.


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