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12 January 2010

Popcorn and movies

Two weeks ago we saw Avatar with Jessica, Ben and Chrystal. Everybody liked the movie: I liked the blue Pocahontas character and her ability to tune into things. I liked the way the little flowery bits of fluff came off the screen and floated towards me. I liked it that the paraplegic main character got to walk, run, and leap and had a second chance at life. Despite feeling that the movie was Fern-Gulley-On-Steroids I still thought it was a blast. But my favorite part may have been when I turned around and looked up at the full theater of people behind me, every one of them wearing those crazy 3-D glasses.

Oh, and then there was the popcorn. We shared 2 buckets between the 5 of us. I love theater popcorn! Even though I know that eating one medium sized popcorn and soft drink is akin to ingesting 3 quarter-pounders and 12 pats of butter! (This fact is seared into my memory from reading this article.) That's why it's good to go to a movie with a crowd of people and share the popcorn. It's also why Jessica and I skipped the popcorn entirely when we went to see New Moon a few days ago: 6 quarter-pounders and 24 pats of butter in two weeks' time--even I can't justify that. However I did miss it.


  1. I've been hearing a lot of people talking about this movie. I'm glad you liked it. Wow! That fun fact will stick in my mind next time I go to the theatre. It just sounds so awful when you put it so bluntly.

  2. I do break down and eat popcorn but that ends up being dinner, so that might justify it a 'little.'

  3. Fern gully on steroids! I'll be laughing all day. I really want a tail.

  4. How did you like New Moon? (Kind of goes with my Blue Moon post, lol.) My friends daughter works at a Regal movie theater and she said the theater actually loses money on most is the snacks that make the profit. I thought that was interesting and it explained why popcorn is so expensive there!

  5. sounds really good fun. I think that those 3D glasses are so funny


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