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13 February 2010

Cookies today

In December I never got around to making cut-out cookies.

So that's why I couldn't wait to make them today. Valentine's Day weekend, and there are 5 of us here right now: a good excuse for cookies.

My favorite cookie cutter is a tarnished bird from my mother's old collection. I bet this bird is 60 years old or more.

A flock of birds!



  1. I'll put on a pot of tea and you can come right over.

  2. Valentine's Day is a great excuse for cookies.

    But, then again, any day is a great excuse for cookies!

  3. i love that bird! i'd use it for everything! i'd hang it in my kitchen!!

    we are avoiding sugar right now to get eliza over a virus and a cold...bad timing, this valentine's day! maybe some heart-shaped squash muffins will do it...oh, and purple smoothie popsicles for breakfast...
    have a cookie for me!

  4. Oh that bird cookie cutter is wonderful. Having been your mother's makes it that much more special.


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