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26 February 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Anniversary

The Friday My Town Shoot-Out is a chance to share pictures of your community. This week's theme was chosen by the Town Blogger Team, and marks the one-year anniversary of the group.

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon.

I joined the My Town group on June 24, 2009, after getting a new pocket-sized digital camera and just 2 days before the theme of "Rainbows" was due. My first shoot-out was not great; I didn't have a single appropriate photo, and ended up snapping a picture of a torn-up dog toy belonging to Reub. Naturally, for weeks afterward I saw dozens of opportunities to take shots of rainbow colors! So here you go, here are some of those photo ops, and for every single one of them I thought "Dang! I wish I'd had this for that "rainbow" assignment!"

A real honest-to-goodness rainbow, with a Christmas tree plantation in the foreground

Yarn at the Farmer's Market

Wool at the Farmer's Market

Tee shirts at the Farmer's Market

Earrings at the local fair trade store

Butterflies at that same store

Because of this assignment, I will continue to notice rainbows of color in my surroundings. In fact it is true of all of our assignments that my awareness of each topic has been heightened.

Thank you everybody!


  1. beautiful!!!! only at the corvallis market would one find gorgeous dyed wool roving!

    i've loved your friday posts, kerry - i'm so glad you started doing this, and can't believe it's been a year...

  2. Perfect. Congrats on the new camera.

  3. Beautiful... my winter starved psyche smiled at all of the rainbows. Such a nice spirit lift - thanks.

  4. great rainbows! makes me want to get out and get some new yarn.

  5. Oooh...that was a good topic. I love all the colors.

  6. Yes, of all the benefits derived from the FSO seeing your community with an eye for its details is (in my opinion) the greatest. great rainbow shots....

  7. Love the shots from the farmer's market! The yarn and wool are beautiful!

  8. I just love all the beautiful colors you present here.

  9. You have a good eye for colours, and berries. I could eat all of them at one sitting.

  10. What a wonderful colorful place your farmers market is! Love your bright photos.

  11. I love farmers markets, and who never owned a tie dyed t-shirt? I have owned quite a few!

  12. Oh, what a fantastically colorful post. I love the yarn at the farmer's market and the butterflies. All of the photos are so very pretty. At first, I thought the wool was colored cotton candy.

    Very cheerful post.


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