Reub's journey

26 April 2010

Moss and ferns in April

Yesterday we went for a walk in Beazell forest west of town. The sun was out and wow, was it ever beautiful.

The moss was luxurious and other-worldly.

It looked like we might be lost in the Amazon.

The ferns were uncurling.

They seemed to be a likely inspiration for a jewelery design. I would wear something like that.

Tonight as I listen to the rain on the roof I imagine that the ferns are soaking it in, unwinding until the fronds are long and feathery, wet and lovely. And the moss is becoming even thicker and greener as it drinks the spring rain: April.


  1. Clearing an area for the boat trailer and saved all the ferns we could to transplant closer to the gate. They are so lovely this time of year.

  2. Wow, so much moss! I've never seen so much moss. And the ferns are too cool in their shape!


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