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14 June 2010

Ed's special deliveries

When we got Eddy as a puppy we were told that he would likely be a "mouthy" dog, "resistant to fatigue," and equipped with a "sense of humor." These are actual breed traits of the Portuguese Water Dog, developed centuries ago to be a fisherman's working companion. Apparently the Portuguese fishermen wanted their companions to be hardworking and funny at the same time.

These breed traits manifest themselves in a number of ways in Eddy, but they are best illustrated by his seemingly endless ability to creatively retrieve stuff. He delivers it to us while we eat breakfast or dinner, and he usually gets what he's looking for: a laugh. He is a relentless delivery dog. These pictures were all taken within the past month, and everything he brought to us was his very own idea:

If he brought both slippers instead of just one it would be a lot nicer.

My sandal

Ben's insole

Somebody's flip flop

My hat

John's hat

An actual dog toy, in pristine condition because it is so rarely used.

A piece of trash

A seal from a bottle

A sponge

A leaf

A coaster

A white pencil

A yellow pencil

A National Geographic map

A statement showing how much my IRA has tanked

A little jewelry case

An overdue notice from the public library

A sock

A CSA brochure

A plane ticket to Amsterdam

My contract for the 2010-11 school year

There are more photos and lots of other times when he delivered things when I didn't happen to have the camera handy. But I think this is probably enough for now.


  1. Woof! Woof! I do the same thing when I want ATTENTION. Good to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. i am laughing sooooo hard. good job, eddie...a plane ticket to amsterdam? jiminy...

  3. Kerry, this is hilarious. Does Ed want you to chase him too, or does he just bring stuff to you? He is adorable.

  4. Ed would love to be chased! That would be ideal. But he's also hoping to make a trade for a treat, a tennis ball, or just a laugh:)

  5. Oh man! He really is relentless. Had me laughing out loud. And in every picture he appears so sincere, as if he wants to convey the importance of delivering these objects. What a great dog!


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