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06 July 2010

Blue room in Rome

Two weeks ago today I was in Rome, staying in a tiny hotel just off of Piazza Campo de Fiori in the central historic district.

One thing I love about places like this is that the windows have big wooden shutters that you can throw open.

The little room was sapphire blue with vaulted ceilings and--gasp--a crystal chandelier. I felt like Cinderella at the ball.

Everything on the wall had a golden frame.

Like this mirror,

And even the TV. (Cinderella with CNN?)

I had chosen this place to stay because of the amazing location that allowed us to walk everywhere, and the fact that it didn't cost 300 euros a night to stay there. I had no idea we would get this gem-like blue room: what a cool surprise it was.


  1. How lovely!
    Love the chandelier. It certainly sets off that paint technique.
    Putting the TV in a frame was a super idea to make it fit much better in the surroundings.

  2. Wow, it does look like a Cinderella room. How special. I do love throwing open the window shutters too. One of my favorite things about Europe.

  3. Looks luxurious! I wouldn't mind being Cinderella for a day.

  4. Such a romantic, blue room! The attention to artistic detail in it is amazing! I imagine that it would be a wonderful place to stay!

  5. I found in Italy many little surprises like that. We are so homogeneous in this country that you know exactly what your hotel room will be like before you have seen it.

  6. What a grand place to stay! Lucky you and wonderful blue shots!

  7. How very pretty! It certainly makes a change from the 'chain' hotels.

  8. beautiful!!
    I love the wood door as seen thru the mirror
    and the incredible blue sky

  9. you had the perfect room for midweek blues. how fun!! lucky you.


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