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19 July 2010

Cats and dogs of Rome

One of the archaeological digs in central Rome was crawling with abandoned cats.

It was like a huge playground for them.

But it was actually a sanctioned cat refuge, each animal neutered, vaccinated, and up for adoption.

Some of them were tranquil and sweet,

healthy and attractive.

While others looked, smelled, and felt revolting.

If I lived in Rome guess which one I would have to adopt?

Actually, this terra cotta fellow was in Tuscany, not Rome.

Of course I always notice dogs wherever I go.

Marble sight hounds at play, Vatican museum Hall of the Animals

Even if they're almost 2,000 years old

At the Vatican Museum , Hall of the Animals

And made out of stone.

Dogs on the street in Rome.

However real live dogs are the best.


  1. These are so sweet. I love that last shot of all of the dogs lined up for a nap. :o)

  2. What a nice and observant way to see Italy. Since I am allergic to cats I liked the canine photos the best...shouldn't #10 have been framed a little lower?

  3. Oh, number 10: it's simply begging for a caption, isn't it? Go ahead, you know you want to think of a good one!

  4. I had a comment until I saw that dog and the fig leaf, now I'm just nervous.

  5. Certainly looks like there are plenty in need of homes.

  6. Such a great variety of cats & dogs. I love the one of the real dogs lined up in a row resting.

  7. OOh... "Dogs of Rome" is very nice.


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