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22 July 2010

Friday Shoot-out: Feet and shoes

The idea of the My Town Shoot-Out is to post photos of your local community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. This week's assignment was chosen by JarieLyn from Nevada.

To my surprise I found through this assignment that what we wear on our feet really does say something about our community:

For example, much of the year here in Oregon-from November through May- you can expect the ground to be wet.

And the stores have to stock up on plenty of boots.

You have to be practical around here.

Which is fine with me because I would hate to be in a place surrounded by high heels.

There are 4 or 5 shoe stores downtown, all locally owned. You can even get your old shoes repaired here.

Or perhaps you would like to get a pair of shoes for tap dancing.

Or ballet.

I went to the riverfront to take a picture of the feet on a bronze river otter; I like the way they hang over the edge.

Nearby is a statue with a beaver at the base, and just as I was taking this picture of the beaver's feet, a little girl jumped into the shot and put her foot right on the beaver's. Perfect.

Some of us use our feet like hands.

And that (silly!) is because some of us don't have hands. We just have feet.


  1. OH! This is such a fun meme, at least the way you play it. I will have to check it out. :)

  2. Oh I loved that...wonderful feet!!
    I loved the crossed paws at the end...perfect shot to close a creative shootout!! Hugs:)

  3. Great Pictures! I liked your interpretation.

  4. Shoe repair is a lost art I think! Can't even find one in this town.
    Love the doggie feet.

  5. I loved how you put that together, Kerry. Not just the photos but how it flowed and fitted. And the last shot, paws crossed, there is no more! Looks like boots around your place are a bit like around here! And, in answer to your question about the camera - I was learning to use a camera from work and fell in love with it. Giving it back was sooo hard!

  6. I love all the place and themes you used in this shoot. Store windows, footprints -- and the ballet toe statue...such poise, such grace.

  7. Here people only replace the soles when needed, most of the time shoes are not repair, since it's cheaper to just get a new ones!

  8. Oh what a fantastic job you did!! I miss (along with so much else) the FSOs... This was a delightful view of your town, foot by foot!


  9. Awesome take on this week theme. Here in MI it starts to snow around October and if we are fortunate the snow ends in April, but if we are fortunate ^_^ Good snow boots is what we need here too. Happy weekend!

    Friday my Town shoot out

  10. Kerry, what a great interpretation. How clever of you to think of shoe repair stores. I wish I would have thought of that because I do take my shoes to the repair man on occasion. I really like the paws at the end. I almost threw one of those into my mix as well, but I didn't.

  11. Love the way you did your layout. I agree the shoe repair idea was very creative.

  12. I live in "practical shoeland" too. Not so much rain and wet but rattlesnakes and dirt. I appreciate the foot in a sturdy boot routine but Oh those Maryjanes. Does it say DECKER on the inside. I love those shoes....not to feed the goats in, but for grocery shopping...I'd be stylin'
    The dog photo and your
    comment,"Some of us use our feet like hands." is so great. I too feel like I exist WITH my dogs and just have better use of my "paws".
    Great photos....

  13. fun collection of shots. I like the store fronts. never thought of that. love the sculpture ballet shot!!

  14. Great post, Kerry; lots of fun!

  15. I'm a day or two late...weekend catching up and stopping by to say what a great ShootOut you posted. Some very special feet and shoes photos....enjoyed it very much...Sue

  16. The gumboots/wellies lining outside the store, might as well be outside some of our classrooms, It's been raining and the kids play in the mud. The teacher insist they take their shoes and line them up.

    I only did the challenge on Friday, otherwise, I would have gone round my classrooms and photograph them.

    I am no good in keep rules, I just aim and shoot. This time for SS, I remembered the meme, and specially tired to shoot the SS one third rule.

    How's Jessica?


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