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08 July 2010

FSO: Summer celebration

Having just returned from Italy, I was too jet-lagged to go watch fireworks. To be quite honest, fireworks are easy for me to skip. I'm not crazy about the crowds and the noise, and I always worry about the dogs (who remain locked away in the quietest room of the house).

Hubby John's photo of fireworks in Florence, one of those shots where you hold the camera above the crowd and hope for the best.

Last month we showed up in Florence on San Giovanni's Day, June 24, which is cause for a big fireworks display over the river Arno-- just where we happened to be staying. The crowd was huge and the fireworks were impossible to miss. But I didn't want to miss these fireworks, because after all, the Italians were the ones who perfected pyrotechnics; in the US almost all firework displays are designed by Italian Americans. Plus, I didn't have to worry about Ed and Reub. The fireworks were splendid, one after the other, all rivaling what suffices for a grand finale back home at the local Jaycee-sponsored celebration. Wow.

My favorite local celebration in Corvallis is Da Vinci Days, held each year in July to celebrate art and engineering. The kinesthetic sculpture races are my favorite part of this festival. Each of these vehicles has to be man-powered, decorated, and able to navigate a sand pit, mud bog, and a river race. Here are a few shots from the mud bog portion of the race:

"Hippypotamus" waiting to enter the mud bog.

This vehicle is powered by four pedalers, seated inside.

The "Octobus Garden" was similarly colorful, but equipped with giant tires.

I don't remember what this one was called, but it was bound to be a pun (groan).

Inevitably many sculptures become mired and after a respectful amount of time elapses, the crowd of spectators is invited to help pull them out.

I would rather stay out of that mud, just like this onlooker who had the forethought to bring a parasol.


  1. What a fun celebrations you had there!

  2. Very odd, but we are an odd species.

  3. ok, that is SO much more fun than anything going on around here!!! mental note - get to Corvallis in July...

  4. that was fun.
    I hope you got a few photos of the Florence fireworks to show us. I don't have any of the river at night, did you get a few?

  5. Wonderful photos, and what fun!

    Have a good 4th you had. We are trying to keep cool. Heat index has been 100. No rain for two weeks. The silver lining is that we don't have to cut the grass as much, which pleases my husband.

  6. Whahahahahah I love that Kerry!! What fun to be in am loving the shot! But...seriously...I feel the same way...I hate the 30,000 folk crowd just five blocks away...we can see the fireworks from our yard...whoo hoo!! I am not a huge crown person either and worry about the animals too!
    I soooo want to go to watch the mud celebration of hippos and fun...that looks like sooooo much fun!!! I would get in the mud lol!
    Wonderful shootout hon, Sarah

  7. How fun to see your DaVinci Days celebration and the wild machines in the mud. Great pictures and info. Really enjoyed this post!

  8. Kerry, I'm so glad you had fun in Italy. I like the shot that your hubby took.

    I also really like the hippo. It's colorful and fun and happy. Also, the mud pulling looks kind of fun, but just to watch. I don't really like getting dirty. Haha.

  9. That is a giant mud slide.

    At least you were not pelted by tomatoes.

  10. Oh! what fun!! the hippo is great!

  11. That is a lot of mud!! It looks like fun as long as you don't have to get in there with them. Great pics.


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