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12 August 2010

FSO: Roads

There are hundreds of awesome trails and back roads around here, but this wasn't the week to visit them. This was the week to prepare for a huge road trip with my daughter, Jessica, who is moving from Oregon to New York.

We could have planned a very cool trip on Highway 20, "The Longest Highway in the US," which begins just west of us on the coast at Newport, goes right through Corvallis, then east through Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and all the way east to Kenmore Square in Boston. But no, we don't have the time. Instead we will take Interstate 80 almost all the way.

Five days of driving should get us from Corvallis to Ithaca. From there I will bid her good bye, fly to Wisconsin, then home to Oregon.

Meanwhile we have to pack all of this (well, not Eddy, who is curious about these strange activities)...

...into this, our chariot: a 1994 Nissan, complete with new hoses and struts, although lacking in air bags, AC, power steering, power brakes, and soundproofing. The local stereo guy donated some used speakers so that the new radio can be used. We got a roof rack off of Craigslist, and a bike rack from a garage sale. We feel almost ready. Now if only the weather would cool down a little. Tomorrow I'm gong to buy a little fan to plug into the cigarette lighter, then we'll be off.


  1. Traveling mercies to you both as you make the trip. I made a note of Highway 20 as my husband and I plan to travel the USA for several months in the next couple of years.

  2. Sounds so tiring to me with such a long journey. If I were to drive from the east to the west it probably take about 1 1/2 hours, with too many stops at traffic lights. Unless I drive north, then I'll be in another country within an hour! that's how small my little country is.

  3. Those shell fish on the rocks, looks interesting.

    Once, my friends drove us from Canada to New York and back. It was a go go go as we didn't check in to a motel. We slept two nights sardined packed in car. 5 of us.

  4. I just love road trips! Moving from LA to New Haven CT just me in my loaded-down CRX was one of the best trips of my life.
    Have a safe trip across the country, and don't forget to stop more often than you think you need to, & have a stroll around to stretch and reset your brains.
    Ithaca is a great town in a gorgeous area. Enjoy!

  5. I love road trips it's fun most specially you are not in a hurry to reach the destination. Great shot here thanks for sharing!

    Roads & Pathways

  6. That is one long road trip. Sounds like quite an adventure!

  7. No time for a shoot on roads because you are planning for a loooooong road trip! Fantastic irony there. Be safe! Have fun. Are we there yet?

  8. 5 days alone in a car with your daughter, i can't think of any kind of trip that would be better. It must be more than 20 years ago now my mother and I drove from Houston to Adrian Michigan and back. we laughed and talked and ate in hamburger joints, took turns driving, stopped at antique markets, and Abe Lincolns birthplace.... it is a wonderful memory to have and to keep.

  9. My first thought was this was a "Road Ahead" post so very right for the topic! I once read there are three sorts of travellers - those that enjoy the planning, those that enjoy the journey and those who only really care about the destination. For me, it's all about the journey. I hope yours is wonderful. Take care and stay safe!

  10. that is quite the road trip. hope you all make it safely there and back. I like all the stuff you bought for the car and a fan that plugs in, cute!!


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