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16 September 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-out: Flora and Fauna

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. This week's assignment was chosen by the Town Blogger Team.

All photos shot in or near Corvallis, Oregon.

The wild countryside that surrounds my town abounds with exciting animals: cougars, bobcats, black bear, elk, deer, osprey, eagles, spotted owls all make their home here. You will have to take my word for this because I have never managed to photograph any of them!

It is much easier to snap pictures of the critters close at hand.

So here is a picture of Eddy, our Portuguese Water Dog,

and Reuben, our moody pound dog.

The local fauna likes to eat the local flora.

Sometimes the local fauna likes to watch the other local fauna (or is that "fawna?")through the (dusty) window by the front door.

Some of the local flora is gigantic. This is an old-growth Douglas Fir, native to the region.

Way down on the ground, this little girl is observing a slug.

See? Slimy!

A gopher snake making its way through my garden.

Do ducks sleep with their eyes open? I don't think so.

Corvallis is in a broad river valley that lies north-south, so it is a major flyway for migrating birds. These are snow geese who come through twice a year as they travel between the Arctic tundra and the American southwest: 5,000 miles round-trip.

The Pacific Ocean is an hour west of us, another great place to watch birds.

Or sea lions.

Oysters, rock fish, steamer clams, Dover sole, bay shrimp, and salmon are all caught or raised locally.

A lot of people love to catch Dungeness crab when it's in season. Delicious, but you have to work for it!


  1. Eddy says," I need a shampoo please," He is so cute with his sad face.

    Ann says" Please take me to the seafood restaurant, I love oysters, shrimps, crabs."

    Ann say," Looking at the sea lion makes my neck sore."

    Ann says," Great job, Kerry."

  2. I don't mind seeing other animals around the garden except the snake! *runs away*

    The dog's so adorable.

  3. All your photos are great but I love the dogs. I miss Oregon.

  4. Great Shootout, Kerry. I love the shot of the seagulls!

  5. Well, Eddy and Reuben had to feature didn't they - and great photos too. I loved the little girl examining the slug. I have a picture of my daughter about thirty years ago in a similar pose with a snail!

  6. lol i love those ducks sleeping with their eyes open. great pictures. i don't like snakes but the picture is nice.

  7. Love the shot of the ducks, very cute! Don't think I would ever have the presence of mind to take a photo of a snake. Love your seagull shot, too.

  8. So much fun to see shots from there...cause it looks a bit like here...but the ocean..oh I miss the ocean!! Lucky you! I love Ed's shot..and Reub eating black berries...LOL Lucy Lu likes blueberries. Wonderful shots..every one!!! Hugs, Sarah

  9. Love the photos, especially of the three ducks striking up the same pose.

  10. I will take your word for it on the wildlife, Kerry. My husband frequently sets off with his camera and a determined look on his face, only to return with, "See that blur there? No, up farther, farther...the one by the tree...yes, that blur. That's a hawk. I swear."

    Unless you're willing to hide for hours in a duck blind, with a canteen and a camera, slug pictures it is!

    These are very good, though and I also love the pictures of the dogs. Such expressive faces, and one of them even has expressive fur. "I'm totally freaked out and stiff, yo." That kind of fur :-)

  11. Ed and Reub are always a delight to see. All of your photos capture life. I especially like the sea lions because they are so adorable.

  12. I love the expression on Ed's face...what an adorable pair of pups. I love the shot of the snake in your garden! I tried to catch a shot of the one in our backyard, but my dog kept trying to eat it (the same goes for the birds, baby rabbits and squirrels...)

  13. Love that duck shot! So, so green and lush where you live! I'm glad you didn't have pictures of the bears & bobcats! Would have meant you were too close!
    Such cute doggies, too. Very photogenic. :)

  14. Oh my gush I've been dreaming fresh seafood!! Great shot!
    Flora and Fauna

  15. so many wonderful photos Kerry but the duck shot was so funny! great shoot out!


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