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09 September 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Stripes and lines

Wood grain on pier at Newport

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. This week's assignment was chosen by the Town Blogger Team.

All photos shot in or near Corvallis, Oregon.

Stripes and lines! What a great topic. They are all over the place.

Back-to-school this week: check out the hair on one of my students! She said it took her 3 hours to do these pink stripes.

This was once the floor of a general store that served logging families outside of town. The speckles are from the cleats of loggers' boots.

Brooms hanging on the wall of an old grist mill near Corvallis.

Custom stripes on a car at an auto show.

A pier in Newport, about an hour from where I live.

Tracks in the sand, Newport.

Stripes occur in the natural world too:

John's photo

A stand of Douglas Fir

Looking up at an old fir tree.


I like photographing ferns. We have so many of them in the woods, and they are still really green.

At Finley Wildlife Reserve, south of town.

John's photo

Winter stripes: Icicles on the shore of Odell lake, east of here.

A striped dog? Yes! This is my brother-in-law's brindle lurcher (a sighthound cross-bred by gypsies in the UK). His name is Rio, and he is super-cool.


  1. artistic lines you got in here. i like them a lot. and yeah that dog's super cool, i like his ears ",)

  2. Great shootout! The brooms are my favorite, so simple and poignant.

  3. I love the tyre tracks in the sand and the watery lines. Love them all actually. Wonderful shoot out!

  4. Great lines you got here! If any students wearing hair dye coming in to school, the parent will be called up! can't dye hair if one is still a student. We have a very strict code on uniformity.

  5. You have some awesome photos...but I just love the pink stripes in the hair!

  6. Oh hon..these are wonderful! So many beautiful natural lines..I love those shots of the woods looking up! Wonderfully artistic girl!

  7. Kerry, these are all really great shots. You have such a fantastic variety but I must say I really like the hair. So cool.

  8. the pier, the brooms, the hair, the sand!! how can I choose? grand shoot out Kerry.

  9. I like them all except I won't want my car to have lines like that. My fav is the icicles, it reminds me of when I was living in Canada, Icles formed from my flatmate's jeans.

  10. All of these photos meet the task and are lovely as well. Congrats!!

  11. I am just blown away by the images, each better than the last as I scrolled down! And a beautiful leggy sighound at the very end(I have a soft spot for hounds like whippets, greyts, wolfhounds ect.)

  12. Great shots, every one! I like how you did so many different types of stripes and lines. I declare it a success. ;o)


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