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22 September 2010

September 22

Today is the autumnal equinox, and the season is turning the corner from summer to fall before my eyes. I always look forward to it, this distinct change, hinged with a bit of sadness. School has begun, the nights are chilly, and we have already had our first rains of the season. It's time to put on a sweater and look forward to a fire in the woodstove.

The adventures of June and July still linger though: Italy, and those walls all golden in the warm summer light.

I remember the sky showing blue through the parapets of the duomo in Florence.

In my mind I can always walk these streets again, no matter what the season may be.


  1. love the look-through flowers where you can see the sky! If right now already so gray in your area, you'll probably walk these streets often!

  2. I love fall. Summer is soooo hot and humid where I am that we tend to stay in the AC. The fall is refreshing.

    Love how the BAR sign looks like it is glowing in the dark in the shadows.

  3. All the photos were great but I was most attracted to the first one, the rainy day. So relaxing and cool looking.

  4. the street scenes are all wonderful yet I find myself drawn to the rain falling against the window
    that's just so lovely

  5. Oh my what beautiful pictures. The first was especially my favorite.

  6. Perpetual summer would be torture for me - as well as perpetual winter, spring or fall. It's the change of season I love most. Enjoy a snuggle by the fire!


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