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04 November 2010

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: N

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. If you would like to see examples of this week's theme from other parts of the world, go here.

Photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon

Numbers written in Nails

These were pounded into the posts of the old train trestle in the little picture above. Who knows what they mean?


Our neighbor, Alan, was an electrical engineer interested in alternative energy and machine design. He was a force behind the development of hybridized vehicles, and at the time of his death 4 years ago, he was exploring the use of waves in the Pacific Ocean as a source of energy. His wife placed this bench on a hilltop near our neighborhood, a place where we once walked our black labs together. Every time I walk past it I think of Alan's contributions to the world.

Nut shells

The valley where we live produces 98% of the hazel nuts (aka "filberts") in the US; this means there are loads of shells to be had for landscaping. Helpful hint: If you cover a path with these, they stick to the little grooves in the bottom of your sneakers and you will track them everywhere.

Nearly Normal's

Corvallis is a west coast college town so all of the restaurants have vegetarian options, but this is our main vegetarian and vegan restaurant.


The public library has quite a few rules posted...but apparently they forgot the one about "No Littering."


The reading room at the library has a nice selection of newspapers.


These November mornings the needles of the fir trees in back of our house are covered in dew or raindrops.


It doesn't rain here all of the time! When the sun is out, though, it is best to take full advantage of it and many of us are quite good at this.


  1. Your needles shot is wonderful! I think that is my favourite but if I thought again it might be the nutshells or the newspapers. I particularly like the light in the newspapers shot.
    A beautiful post!

  2. I love the needles shot; I have at least 10 various conifers in the yard and Never thought of them!

    And yes, the snow fell earlier this year. It was a rare treat.

  3. I love the idea of using nails for numbers!

  4. Well, you get an A+. I am neither patient nor smart enough to play, but I do admire those who do!

  5. Needles! Of course! And the neighbor shot was very touching. I wonder how many more napping shots I will find today as I go through the shootout entries?

  6. I love the needles shot, I looked and looked for Ns - guess my head wasn't in the right place, because you have plenty - and Houston MUST have them also.

  7. I love the N shape of the trestle with the Nails used as Numbers

  8. Kerry, this was a perfect batch of photos from your view for the letter "N". The bench really got my heart beating...

    this was a great visit

  9. very touching story about the bench. you have done a fantastic post for this theme. I am at a loss for N's. right now it is snowing here.

  10. Kerry, this was a great post. So many neat idea. The nuts, needles and especially neighbor, my favorite I think. Thanks for coming over.

  11. Wonderful post, Kerry. I really like the number nails and the photo of the newspaper stand is a stellar shot. The guy napping is also pretty cool. It made me smile.

  12. That was such a touching story of your friend Alan, What a great thing to do putting that bench there. My favorite photo was the numbers made of nails.

  13. I like to have a nap like your man, but I really like your spider web. It is just awesome.


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