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14 December 2010

Breaks of light

Here in western Oregon, not far from the expansive Pacific Ocean, it is raining. It has rained for days now. The lichen in the trees, the moss on the logs, the grass in the fields all seem to absorb it, while in the mountains it transforms into wet snow.  As it travels east it turns to a dry white powder, and perhaps to ice and blizzards in the Midwest.

It becomes obvious why the Pacific Northwest was such a good setting for the stories of "Twilight," where the humanized vampires could exist comfortably in the dark mist. Perfect.  For many people, however, this is a melancholy season of endlessly wet days and low light, a time to stay indoors.

But I love this time of year. Even on the rainiest days there are breaks of exquisite light, making every bit of captured water shine like a small light, every still raindrop important.

People who don't take the chance to go out in this weather, they miss everything.


  1. I get depressed by too much rain and I am glad that you are able to see the light. We have had days of bitterly cold wind...only one day of moisture...and somehow that can be worse.

  2. Kerry,I'd take your rain to our icy snow any day! I hate driving in our Wisconsin winters and don't even like to be out walking in it. I learned to enjoy taking walks in Seattle rain where I didn't have to watch my step for ice.Love the mood your pictures express.


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