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01 January 2011

A gift


In the valley where we live you generally have to look up to see snow. We watch precipitation come down as rain, day after day in the winter months, while at higher altitudes it arrives as snow. The mountains loom large and white these days, while down in the valley the rivers run full to the brim.

Today we drove about a half an hour from home, hoping to reach some snow and to take a hike in the watershed that feeds the town. John knows this area well, and how to clamber off the trail to the stands of beautiful old growth fir that tower above us.

 I  can never seem to get enough of places like this.

No temple is more beautiful...

...and no church is more inspiring.

 When I think that this is where our water comes from, I am doubly amazed by it.

The trees, the snow, the water, the first day of a new year: what a gift.


  1. We also took a walk (8 miles) around a nearby lake and enjoyed watching the melting snow and the retreating ice on the lake for New Years in spite of an awful cold.

  2. Happy New Year Kerry! I cannot believe on this glorious post there is only one other comment besides mine. Figures it would be Tabor. She would appreciate the gift you have for photographing nature in such a soft, poignant way. (two tries and I got poignant spelled correctly)=D Your pics are spa like and just gorgeous! I can hear the water bubbling all the way from Toronto. I am breathing in the clean snow. Thank you for sharing
    your gift with us. It is much appreciated.

  3. Guess what...I want to use another one of your pics in my next tutorial on leading lines. Can you guess which one? I love the way you shot up the tree trunk.


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