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10 February 2011

Friday My Town Shoot-Out: Framed

The idea of the My Town Shoot Out is to post photos of your community every Friday, and hopefully improve your photography skills. If you would like to see examples of this week's theme from other parts of the world, go here.

(Most) photos taken in Corvallis, Oregon

OK. It is definitely not my town. This is the Parthenon in Rome, with its open-to-the-air dome. I had a mind-boggling trip to Italy last summer, which is very fun to think about in the dead of winter here in Oregon.  The following three pictures are actually from Corvallis.

Because of a classic, stupid, verrrrrry stupid, computer mistake, I have almost no archives from which to snatch pictures for you. But happily, here is a surviving photo from the summer farmer's market. This little guy, unaware that we might think of him as a "princess" is having his face painted by the balloon-seller.

In the Coast Range, a fern framed by its environment.

A door handle and door bell, framed by the shadows.


  1. Love the first shot of the blue sky. I think the little guy's balloon should read, Priceless! Too cute.

  2. Last Sunday, i was a t our national day celebration and festival. There were lots of such balloons. I never thought of the frames from them.

  3. What a fun Theme this one has been. Everyone has had such outstanding shots. Yours are super! Love that they are all set in such different environments. My favorite is the Door! Great ShootOut!

  4. Love the door handle! And of course the pic from the floor of the Parthenon, always, always.

    Poor little princess looks so unhappy!

  5. Your shots are beautiful. My favorite I think is the last. Thanks for sharing!
    Frame Me

  6. Some creative shots. I loved this theme.

  7. A terrific, varied collection. I love the first and the last. I think perhaps that little boy did know what the sign said!

  8. loved the last shot. and yes what a shot of the bird through the opening in the Parthenon - that is what framing is about isn't - an element of perspective and depth not ordinarily shown.
    hugs from Brasil

  9. I really like the last picture, But all of them are great, I bet your son wont be to happy when he see's you took this photo but it is adorable.

  10. wow! fantastic selections for this theme. I really like the last one. thinking out of the box.


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