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16 February 2011

Oodles of art

The students in my art classes have been prolific, producing mountains of show-worthy stuff. The display case outside my classroom has been crammed with all manner of things: paintings, clay vessels, sculptures and oodles of pop art. How lucky that Oregon State University offered up some of the very best gallery space in the city for a district art show.  We hung the show on Monday (thank you John, my valentine, for helping), and to my surprise I found this on the front page of Tuesday's paper.

This evening we had an opening reception.  Being a kid-centric thing, it was distinctly lacking in wine and cheese, but very heavy towards brownies, heart-shaped cookies, and apple juice, all provided by the proud teachers involved.

Grandpa takes a picture of the BACK of the art, which is complete with nutritional info and bar code.
Hard to believe I packed all of those huge paper mache pieces into my Subaru and made it in just one trip.

These little girls were just as brightly dressed as a candy wrapper.

I always scrutinize the art work of the high school kids, looking for names of kids I used to have. This fabulous silver gelatin print (of mushrooms growing in horse manure) was hard to photograph because its glass cover was reflecting the colorful wall across from it.

Ohhh, that wall! Mugs of coffee painted by 8-year-olds!

I would love to have a hit of java from this mug...

No wait, this one...
Never mind, I'll have one of each please.

Elementary art inspired by aboriginal paintings. I thought these were so neat.

There were 23 amazing watercolors from my eighth grade students, but I was having so much fun taking pictures of coffee mugs that I neglected to photograph these; so I guess you have to take my word for it, they were pretty great.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Eighth graders? WOW! They are fantastic and very unique! I am quite impressed, they must have a fabulous art teacher!
    I came over here from Reya. Liked your comment.

  2. Fantastic art. Love those coffee mugs too.

  3. Love the mugs!

    We humans are so talented. Or at least your eighth graders are.

  4. Oh wow it takes a good art teacher for students to come up with this good ^_^ I love the mugs wish I could add mine? ^_^
    About my photos...the seashell I brought that from the Philippines, hubby is the one who found it at the beach and he was amazed how perfect spiral it is. The 2nd photo was taken right here at the barn from a tractor that my hubby is fixing. The 3rd one are twigs, shot it from a wedding reception. Thanks for the visit!


  5. It is good to have collabortion with the university. The students will feel very happy and a sense if achievement.

  6. Hi certainly have a talented group of young artists! I enjoyed seeing their work.

    You were is a sculpture in front of the museum. You would enjoy the museum...lots of local shows and often have special openings for visiting artists.

    Thanks for stopping by to see my Friday ShootOut post!


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