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22 February 2011

Sneak preview

Every year I wonder about all of the short films, animated shorts, and documentaries that are mentioned in the Academy Awards, but do I ever get to see them? No. Probably people who have Netflix have these at their fingertips, but otherwise I don't know who sees them. That's why I was glad when PBS shared a sampling of the animated short films up for awards this year:

Fun! I like the one about Madagascar, and "the Lost Thing." OK, I like "The Gruffalo" also. These films are less than 15 minutes, but take two and a half years to make, a labor of love for sure.


  1. i love short films! we did get an animated shorts from pixar at the library, and somehow i have seen "day and night" before - maybe as a trailer before "Book of Kells"? i remember in seattle there would occasionally be a showing of short films like these...

  2. your bike racks aree like my school, uncovered. When I was growing up in Borneo, my school's was covered.


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