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14 March 2011

Jobs for kids

All three of my kids took on new jobs in the past year. In honor of this fact, a video which involves kids applying for a job:


  1. Can you find jobs for my kids? One teacher certified K-Middle math and English. One biologist. Both unemployed. Of the 4 of us only one has a job! Ugh.

  2. Oh, btw the video is hilarious.

  3. Oh man, it's really tough out there in the job market. Our three have all been without health insurance or steady jobs for long spells in the past two years. One of them still has to find his own health insurance. And-full disclosure-I am counting grad school as a job for our daughter.

  4. Loved the video -and the kids were very good actors too! Tell your kids your blog friends are very proud of them!
    Hey, grad school is TWO jobs (that's what I felt when I did it)!

  5. That video totally made my day! Oh man. Now, time to get back to my jobsssssss...


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