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05 April 2011

Hands and feet

Recently in my 7th grade art classes we looked at Renaissance artist Michelangelo; this was fun for me, after having visited Italy last summer and seen for myself the lasting mark that Michelangelo put on the face of Rome.

Michelangelo was a great sculptor and painter who had a deep knowledge of anatomy. So using their own hands as models, the kids drew with blue and white pencils. Here are just a few of the results.

Pretty cool.

Other middle school delights: there was a mis-matched shoe day:

Some students remembered before coming to school, and showed up ready to go.

While others switched with friends during the day. Eventually everybody got their own shoes back; at least I think they did.

There was also a mis-matched sock day, very easy and almost unnecessary: I don't know about you, but most days I find it quite difficult to find anything BUT unmatched socks.


  1. Nice blues at your school, Kerry. Thank you for posting them. That was a really nice treat to visit Italy wasn't it. We love Italy, all parts of it, and France.
    Leonardo da Vinci studied the geometry of faces to help him draw them correctly. We visited his home at Amboise, France. He had made working models any of his drawings for his inventions. A lot were stored there.

  2. My kids always liked the mismatched days:) me too! Isn't that interesting that kids are always interested in drawing their own hands. You might want to do feet too, for that matter.

  3. Teaching the age that you do certainly gives you a does of whimsy every week! Keeps you young.

  4. Wow, I am impressed with their drawings. I like the fun days like cute.

  5. The drawings are beautiful. Hands are HARD to draw - wow.

    Love mismatched shoe day. What a good idea.

  6. Your drawings are wonderful, and the photos are fun to see.

  7. I feel that I am mis-matched just about everyday ;)

    I love hands
    and your students have done some fine drawings


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