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24 May 2011

Getting the juke box

On a splendid rainbow-enhanced day in early April we loaded an old juke box in the car and took it north about 45 miles.

The juke box and a box of old 45's was from the early 1950's. We had picked it up, cheap, at an estate sale a few weeks earlier.

It had been in a bar in the neighboring town of Albany. Nat King Cole had one exactly like it in his house.

We weren't really in the market for a juke box, but then who is?  You would have bought it, too, even knowing that it didn't work very well. Juke boxes happen!

Turns out that one of the few juke box repair guys in the whole country lives just north of us, in Newberg, Oregon. The minute we pulled into his driveway and spotted his fabulous blue Oldsmobile we were pretty sure he was the right one for the job. "I taught my daughter to drive in this car," he said. Oh yeah!

His workspace, a garage, fascinated me and I took a lot of pictures.

I just love a good mess.

So many cool juke boxes, crammed in willy-nilly.

There is something about push-buttons that I find irresistible.

Love it.

Pin ball machines too!

And a second old car.

We drove our newly-repaired jukebox home (no rainbows this time), and last night I washed and dried the record collection. John gave me first choice of what to play, and it was a hard decision, but I picked "Walk Like A Man," by the Four Seasons, with "Sherry" on the flip side.

I'm gonna walk like a man
Fast as I can
Walk like a man from you

and then

Shaaay-err-y baaybee,
Sherry can you come out tonight?

Pretty cool.


  1. very cool. you're right. who could have resisted it?

  2. how awesome! 'juke boxes happen'. :)

  3. I love a good mess, too! Great photos, all. The jukebox last resided in the Crabtree Tavern in Crabtree Oregon, 10 miles east of Albany. You can see a photo of the tavern at:,_Oregon

  4. I LOVE IT! So cool! I can't wait to have a mini-dance party in your kitchen! Do you have "Mama said" by the Shirelles? 'Cause that is what is playing in my head when I imagine it.

  5. Ellen: There is just something about juke boxes, yep.

    twg: I bet there are loose jukes floating around in Texas; maybe one will come your way, too!

    jb: there's a picture! I wonder if we could visit it. The porch roof is about to cave in, though.

    Marge: Come soon! The juke box is aimed at the kitchen/dining area! Perfect for dancing. We don't (yet) have "Mama Said" by the Shirelles, but there is room for 32 more records. It holds 100!

  6. HI There, Thanks for commenting on my blog. Please come back anytime and I will return to yours.

    OH--I'm jealous that you have an old jukebox. That is wonderful... I got rid of all of my 45 records many years ago--but wish I still had them NOW.. The older I get, the more interest I have in 'vintage' things.. Wonder why?????ha ha

    Creative people --like your repairman--always have the biggest messes in the world. You'd think they couldn't find a thing --but they somehow know where things are... ha

    Have a wonderful day out there in Oregon.

  7. This post felt like a delightful, expensive 'coffee table book' to me. What a treat!

  8. I know a couple of songs!!! Whoohoo!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and i just wanted to let you know.... boots is a good start! ;-)

    hope you see you more often!

  9. I still have some of my old 45s but nothing to play them on. Just reading the titles opposite the buttons brought a flood of memories! Have fun dancing!

  10. Betsy,Too bad you got rid of those 45s b/c as you see, you never know when a juke box is going to come your way!

    Patience: A coffee table book with pictures of junky speakers: my kinda book.

    Leontien:First the boots, then the black stallion.

    Pauline: Suddenly I have an interest in old 45s and wonder what you have. I am about to order "Iko Iko" by the DIxie Cups. I am an awful dancer, but that one always gets me going.

  11. Wow. What a beautiful work of art that jukebox is-and I I bet it has all our fave tunes on it!

    Push buttons for sure-I remember being an English kid and heading to the 50's American diner (what a treat) and the one thing better than the burger and fries was each table had a jukebox selector on it with big red buttons. For just 20p musical joy and much button pressing was mine!

    All I can picture is you guys, Eddy, Reub and open fire and that jukebox.

    What absolute bliss.

  12. Very cool! Select-a-matic, eh? They don't make 'em like they used to.

    Love the pic of the discarded speakers. It's an artful mess. Beautiful.

  13. Miss Vinci, I remember tabletop jukes, too: some of them turned like pages, and there were push buttons, too. Ah the good ol' days, but they've been gone for decades and I'm surprised that you had the experience of those jukes in your lifetime, the 80's and 90's. btw we are still lighting fires in the fireplace; it's been cold!

    Reya, there were fabulous messes all over this place; I should have shown more of it. Perhaps I'll go back.

  14. You posted your jukebox repair many years ago. I'm looking for a quality repair person. Would you be able to share the person's name and contact info? Thanks.

    1. Sure!

      Vintage Radio Restorations, Newberg, Oregon


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