Reub's journey

10 May 2011

Hard to imagine

If I try really hard I can imagine myself jumping out of a helicopter.

Army 10th Special Forces soldier, photo is a US military hand-out, March 2011
But I cannot imagine making the leap with my dog.

Of all the details I have tried to ignore about Osama Bin Laden's death, there is one that I can't forget. The US soldiers had a dog with them, one whose identity remains undisclosed, just like theirs. Most likely a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois,  such a dog must be so well trained that he will do as told even though it defies all instinct.

If they can train dogs to jump out of airplanes, surely I can train Reub to sit when the doorbell rings.


  1. Oh, dear, and I always thought that dogs had more sense than us humans...

  2. some things just cannot be done.

  3. i saw that image on the web and just marvelled at it too. amazing what dogs are willing to do for their humans.

  4. Reuben is going through something that the army dog might not have any tendency towards.

    I adopted Jake when he was very young - maybe about 4 months old. Before he was rescued, though, something Really Bad happened to him, something from which he never recovered.

    I've been wondering about Reuben, hoping for the best for all of you. What I can tell you about all my work with Jake is that it helped me build my character. I mean that sincerely.

    Lots of loving energy to you as you work with Reuben.

  5. I heard that they give them titanium teeth if they break a tooth!

  6. I did not know about the dog. I guess he is a Dog Seal?

  7. Lorenzo: I thought so,too! But it looks like maybe some of them do not.

    Ellen: I swear I can do this, I swear.

    twg: There was a photographer who took multiple pics of dogs going out with paratroopers, but I think this one takes the cake. It takes my breath away.

    jb: Not maybe. Yes.

    Rebecca: A Dog Seal! A Seal Dog! It sounds like a new breed.

  8. I agree with your comment that the blogger outage did give everyone a little breathing a canceled meeting. I just worried about losing all my golden words!


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