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29 June 2011

Fairy scientist

Today, June 29th, is St Peter's Day, and according to my Perpetual Almanack of Folklore, by Charles Kightly, it is the tail-end of fairy-catching season:

Fairies being particularly active in the period between Midsummer and St. Peter's Day, now is a good time to bind them to your service: but if you do see the fairies, be sure you never tell.

Kightly describes the best way to catch a fairy, and it involves a large crystal, hazel rods, holy water, and the blood of a white thanks! I think I'll let the fairies run (flit?) free.

There is a video that was locally famous last year, the scientist in it being a Corvallis school child of 8 years old. I think her grandfather was the videographer. The two of them made the local paper when Disney (just coming out with Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue) took interest in little Lydia's project: fairy research. Having just read Knightly's description of fairy hunting,  I had to take another look at Lydia's video. Was it as adorable as I remembered?

Yep. It is:


  1. If I ever find one of these I will bark at her...him.

  2. I just took my grandchildren to a fairy garden display. Unfortunately both gnome houses and fairy houses were empty except of little dolls. Maybe next time.

  3. When I was a very small girl I played with the fairies in my mother's garden. My poor mother couldn't discern fairy from flower but I knew! I knew.

  4. Eddy: stop it.

    Tabor: Aww shucks. Dolls? DOLLS? Won't do.

    Pauline: *smile* Fairies abound in our mother's gardens, I'm sure!

  5. The bed or rather 4 beds were at an information centre at a mountain range. Good for tired legs, and the view was fantastic.


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