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18 June 2011

Photo class

Our first photo class, and I was afraid that it would be like this funny ad from a Calgary camera shop:

But of course, it wasn't. Although I must say that I fretted silently as we carpooled to the site with a classmate who turned out to be a professional photographer, just back from Germany and on her way to Panama.

John is active on the Green Belt Land Trust, a group dedicated to protecting open space in and near our community and watershed. Striving to raise the $5 million necessary to buy an area called Bald Hill Farm, the land trust has begun an aggressive campaign to inspire as many people as possible to become involved.

 They have offered numerous walks and free workshops to the community, all centered on 587 acres adjoining town.

 So this morning John and I attended a photo class at Bald Hill Farm. It was led by photographer Kurt Norlin, who turned out to be the nicest, most unassuming and non-threatening person.

Although it was supposed to be a landscape photography class, I mostly took other kinds of pictures. 

 Farm stuff.

 Equipment languishing in the weeds.

 Maybe my favorite picture.

 Funny though, when you slow down and take the time to look at ordinary objects, they can look quite amazing.

 Even when they are rusty.

You know it's a good class when it is accompanied by an overweight lab with a stick in his mouth.


  1. oh, that dog is a precious class assistant!!! :)

    LOVED that video! :)

  2. You're a great photographer. Do you really need to take a class?

    I like the one with the tree on the top of the hill in the distance, and of course the sow's ear ... pure silk, I tell you!

  3. I love taking classes. Even if I only learn one thing! which I definitely did.

  4. Good for you! I have learned so much through others. Those willing to teach are the best. I do not like photo snobs.

  5. You just couldn't follow directions, could you?! This was a LANDSCAPE photography class! And there you go again, focusing on the details, up close and personal. A rusting sheet of old metal, for heaven's sake, with what kind of looks like a little sort of, landscape-type thingy...

  6. Great photos Kerry! I especially love the pig's ear, and the abstract rust shot - you have such a good eye for interesting lines and color.

    Glad you had a good time!


  7. The Green Belt Land Trust is welcome to use any images it wants; thank you for emailing and asking, Jessica!


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