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11 July 2011

Random food thoughts

I love the English language. In an attempt to make you feel okay about buying something other than organic, the local grocer has a word for tomatoes grown with pesticides: conventional.  At least they're locally grown; that's good, right?

This is what the birds had in their bird feeder this morning. Pretty attractive.

This is what I had this morning. I feel cheated.

I'm pretty sure that Pringles actually wanted to be in the tennis business, and cream cheese manufacturers in the, uh, wallet industry? These packets are just strange.

I just realized (duh) that the mint overtaking my garden makes great tea.

I made this twice in the past month: udon soup with pork meatballs.

You have to buy an armload of fava beans to have enough;  they have to be husked twice, and that hardly leaves anything behind.

 Reub believes that lying down is going the extra mile, while Eddy knows that maintaining a sit is what I'm after. But basically Ed and Reub will do anything for a carrot.


  1. such cute boys!!! my 2 labs and my rott/collie mix love carrots too but my catahoulas won't touch 'em.

    loved the thoughts on packaging and 'conventional' produce. ha!

  2. Yipes! Do your birds know how lucky they are to have almonds, walnuts and craisins in their feeder?!!! I want to be one of your birds!!

  3. What a fortuitous realization about that mint!

  4. really? carrots?

    I had mint and finally had to take it all out. just would not behave. and the soup looks really good.

  5. twg: "Conventional" is such a handy term, don't you think?

    merry: I know, right? The birds are eating better than me. This was a "deluxe mix" from a cheapie-grocery store.

    Snowbrush: damn mint, it grows like a fiend around here.

    Ellen, Yes, carrots! They are super excited by carrots; I don't know why. Eddy prefers them over marrow bones. I started giving them carrots when the vet said it worked as well as tooth-brushing.


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