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27 October 2011

A decision

6th grade tempera and oil pastel
It is autumn. I am in the midst of parent teacher conferences, grading, and looking over student work.

I love how this building seems to be falling down the hill. I haven't taught them perspective yet. Part of me doesn't want to.
I try to decide if I should retire at the end of the school year, but then a mom reaches across the desk and says wholeheartedly "I hope Porter has you next year..."  I smile and say that I hope he wants to take art.

8th grade monochromatic acrylic painting
Part of me wishes she would sigh and say "Oh, my son really isn't into art. Thank you for everything, but I think he'll be taking Spanish instead."

8th grade monochromatic acrylic painting
There is the fact that this fall the art work my young students are producing is mind-boggling. What's going on? Why now? Have I just hit my stride? Or do I just suddenly have a bunch of geniuses? That's probably it.

"I know this is supposed to be monochromatic," the student said, "but can I paint the lips red?"
Right now I don't know if I should retire or not.


  1. Every artist on the web should read this post. There simply must be some art-teacher magazine you can submit this to.

    I hadn't seen the beach of Ed. It's wonderful!

  2. P.S. I made the painting of the tree my desktop.

  3. I should have had you as an art teacher.

    You know those stick figures I draw? I don't draw them just to be funny or ironic or a minimalist or something trendy like that- they are all I know how to draw.

    The art teachers I remember seemed to pay more attention to the students with raw talent. Or maybe they just ignored me because I was such a brat.

    Probably the brat thing.

  4. wow, these are really beautiful! that marilyn one blew me away! absolutely startlingly gorgeous!

  5. Those are some mighty talented, well-taught artists. Love the Native Indian, Dracula and Marilyn. They all chose wonderful subjects for the style.

  6. Snowbrush: Thank you. I am honored.

    Doug, Well, I think you must have learned something, because your illustrations are just right with the writing; they add so much to it. I love it that you have your own style and you're successful with it too. I'm a great fan of your stick figures.

    twg: Marilyn blew me away too. How many 13 year olds even know who she was, and then can paint her like that, too? jeez.

    ellen: Yeah, thanks, I think so too.

    Hilary: The faces they chose to do were very sophisticated. The first one looks like a Native American, but is actually Alan Rickman playing the Harry Potter character Severus Snape.

  7. these are really wonderful paintings. i love the Marlyn Monroe. wow. your dogs are so precious, i like the side bar photos and the header is stunning. thanks for stopping by my creepy post today

  8. i agree with snowbush. i am back to let you know i visited the dynamic view blog and it will not let me comment on it for some reason. i think the name of it is a misnomer, since there is nothing dynamic about it. i changed my blog to it, and did not like it and changed it back. it is to plain, no header no side bar just pics and post. i did read they are going to add these things to it. i played with yours, going across the top and looking with different views, but did not see WHY of it. i think they are doing this for people with IPAD and IPHONES because it is easier to view on those. that is just my thought.

  9. The paintings are exquisite! But you should retire if you feel like it anyway, ya know??

  10. These are unbelievable, Kerry, and so totally your fault! Please retire and come live with us in Ohio. I just cleared out a room to be a full-time art studio for the girls. We need you more than those kids with their monochromatic paintings. We'll even give you a bed to sleep in. And you can bring Eddie.


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