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07 December 2011

Random stuff

In some big cities, like Chicago, at certain grocery stores (like Whole Foods) you can get a massage on a pay-per-minute plan. You are protected from the grocery-shopping voyeurs like me, by a screen; but on the other hand you are on view in the front window of the store to all passers-by.

 I really hate this idea and nothing you might say could change my mind.

 Meanwhile, in the privacy of our bedroom, John attempts to do some yoga (downward dog here) while Reub decides to join him. Is that called "upward dog"? Must be.  Our dogs always want to participate in whatever yoga we're doing. This is puzzling, endearing, and very exasperating all at once.

This week John entertained a delegation from Akita, Japan. They gave him a thank-you gift: a fabric origami item that slips over a wine bottle. It's a samurai kimono, complete with a sword.  I love this! A perfectly calm bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon now looks like a little Japanese warrior sitting on the kitchen counter.

No picture here, but did you know that some stoves have their broiler on the bottom, not the top? I learned this in Chicago.

If I had a cat, or better yet 3 cats, I would teach them to do this. 


  1. The upward dog cracked me up... too funny. My cats like to participate in my exercises too. I love that wine bottle cover.. how cool is that!

  2. 'perfectly calm bottle' and perfectly calm cats! too funny!

  3. How to obtain a samurai wine coozie??

    Do I HAVE to entertain a Japanese delegation? OK.

  4. One loves the cats and their oranges.

  5. Those cats are so sweet, squeezing their eyes together.

    I completely agree that being massaged while on display sounds utterly counterproductive. For heaven's sake!

  6. I love everything about this post.

  7. Hilary, I think they like it that we get down in their level.And the fact ther eis a mat involved.

    twg: The cats look so calm that I wondered if they'd been given a little valium or something.

    ALRN: Funny! I actually looked to see if I could find these things here in the US, and the closest I could come was to import them in a lot of 100 from China! It didn't say how much it would cost. But it would look pretty great to dress up all of our wine bottles as samurai warriors.

    So to answer your question, no you don't have to entertain a Japanese delegation, but I wish you would, I really wish you would.

    Chrystal and Laouch, Aren't they amazing and lovable? But John thinks the one on the left might be a fake cat because it never moves.I think it's just a sleepy cat. You both have multiple cats, and probably mandarin oranges too, so I hope you try this.

    Reya, Just when I was pondering getting a massage, this narcissistic thing set me back another 10 years.

    Marge: I love you too.

  8. Cool wine cover. I cant believe those cats! The video made me smile. :)

  9. I don't think your mouth is supposed to look like that in upward facing down, and this leads me to suspect that, whereas John is doing yoga, the dog is simply stoned out of its gourd.

  10. EG Wow: It makes me smile too.

    Snow: That mouth...yes yes I see what you're saying. Funny how we parents are so slow to recognize these signs; I must monitor this dog more carefully.


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