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20 January 2012

High water

Regarding the flooding around here, I heard somebody say, "Well, it's not as bad as 1996" which is the last time the rivers and streams got seriously out of hand in Corvallis.

Photo by D Gable
A. I doubt that statement is much comfort to the people whose cars these are, parked outside my workplace on Conifer St.
B. It's still pouring! Who knows how high the water will be by the time this is over?

So yeah, there's no school again for me today; that neighborhood still looks bad.  In fact today all of the schools are closed; one of the high schools (Crescent Valley) has been turned into a Red Cross station for evacuees.

Photo by F Bierlmaier
And I thought my workplace looked bad! This is where John was supposed to be yesterday, on this very road going to the HJ Andrews Forest. The driver who went down in this landslide yesterday morning is alright, although badly bruised. Obviously you couldn't say the same for the station wagon, which slid beneath the guardrail along with the entire lane of the road.

I plan to stay home today. Drink some tea, and later fix Chicken Tikka Masala, which I can then check off of that silly list of 100 foods to eat. And then, maybe, maybe it's finally time to break down and get Netflix.


  1. oh my goodness! terrible!!!! glad you are safe!! stay that way!

  2. So frightening. Please stay safe!

  3. When I heard that much of Marion County was under water yesterday, I was going to write to you to see if you still had a home. I'm glad you posted, and I'm glad you have a home to stay home at.

  4. Wow.. that's mighty scary. I'm glad you don't have to be out there. Stay safe, Kerry.

  5. Thanks everybody. Fortunately our house is not in a flood plain, and I'm avoiding all streets covered in water. So I think I'm good!

  6. Cold and wet? No fair! Do I smell that wet dog smell?

  7. ER, the dogs have been soaked for a week now. I guess I must really be a "dog person" because I actually love it. Especially Reub, maybe part hound, who smells pretty strong. Eddy, the water dog, goes crazy with joy when he comes into the house wet.

  8. Kerry, thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. I love meeting Oregon bloggers.

  9. WHOA. I'm glad your house is safe. What a nightmare.

  10. Marge: Yikes! and it is pouring out there today, too.
    Linda: Stay dry up there in Hillsboro.
    Kady: I'm safe, don't worry! Been more landslides since writing this, but not near our house.


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