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05 January 2012

Music around here

Music can be heard regularly in our house, and as I write this I am listening to my husband John, who is a jazz musician, practicing classical piano.

John plays guitar with a couple of different groups, and I am often tasked with the job of taking band pics.

I really enjoy this. It gives me a chance to observe them when they are practicing.

And I may find myself at a gig before there is any audience at all.

Gigs are hard to photograph, but usually there are one or two shots that I like.  This one captures the crazy improvisational energy that an 8-piece jazz ensemble can create. Taken with my little pocket Canon, I'm not even sure how this picture happened.

John also plays in a trio, and they have had a couple of gigs at a resort in the Cascades, about an hour and a half from Corvallis. This is a laid-back venue.

Still, I can't take my eyes off of the drum set.

It's a nice place to play, with surprisingly good acoustics. And twice now, a Yeti has appeared...can you spot him? Yep, the Yeti exists here in Oregon, and loves cool jazz. He always asks some beautiful young girl to dance with him. 

Another common venue for the trio to play is on the OSU campus, for various functions. I think it's a little hard to be cool in this setting, but the bass player's wide stance is helpful.

The trio has played multiple times at Cloud 9, a restaurant/music venue downtown, and this is what that looks like. Pretty cool. They get a free dinner when they play there; the Korean ribs are great.

Music, yeah. I really like this topic.


  1. well, i'm sure glad you enjoy it from your side of the instruments (with camera being yours, of course) because it sure sounds like your hubby's involved in it in about every way he could be! :)

  2. I cannot imagine anything more rewarding than a musician getting to play for those who love to hear! My son's band is now going through the strums and drags of young men with babies. The band may not survive, but I hope it returns in a few years.

  3. How nice to have that in your life.

  4. twg: My instrument is the camera! I like that idea, makes me feel part of the process.

    Tabor: John laid the guitar aside for those years of child-rearing. Luckily he doesn't have to depend entirely on music for a living.

    Ellen: Yup, it's nice.

  5. Such fine photos, Kerry. Have a musical son, I know just how enjoyable it is to be surrounded by this lifestyle.

  6. Nice to reside in the lap of live music.

  7. so your husband jams with friends and you are the paparazzi!

  8. Hilary: Every family needs a musician, ofthis I am sure.

    Laoch: It is nice, very nice.

    Ann: I never thought about being paparazzi! But now I think I am. Does that give me permission to be pushy? I should be more pushy.

  9. BEAUTIFUL pictures and text. Wow.

    The tree trunks and guitar neck with the lake behind them? Wow and WOW.

    Made me smile. Thanks.


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