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02 January 2012

A descent of woodpeckers

A rookery of albatross
A pace of asses
A shrewdness of apes
A congregation of alligators

It's a new year, and so starts the calendar of collective nouns, a gift from my youngest child. I like hanging the first calendar of the year, so blank and full of potential, but rife with blind corners and surprises.

On January 1 I joined my niece and her family in their tradition of recording the first bird of the new year. It might easily have been a junco or a chickadee who both crowd the bird feeders, but instead it was an Anna's hummingbird overwintering in the area, happy to have her feeder entirely to herself.

 Later in the day we decided to drive over to the coast for some fish and chips (halibut, tuna, and Dungeness crab, all in season).

 Hubbie and daughter had a chance to dance on the beach.

The dogs, oblivious to the new year, enjoyed themselves immensely.

Back home, all of the girls in the house got horse tattoos. And if that's not a good start to the new year, I don't know what is.


  1. those tattoos are too cute! but i'm so glad your hummer is hanging tough! hope she makes it!

  2. Proper New Year 'horsing' around!!! Sorry, couldn't resist the first bad pun of 2012. That sea looked ferocious, Kerry, just how i love it. Happy New Year, may this be your finest literary one yet

    Saul x

  3. twg: The hummer should make it ok. Her friends and relatives will return sometime in February.

    Saul: The sea is too beautiful, innit?

    Ellen: yep.

  4. What a glorious day! I love the dance on the beach pic.

    I wonder if sand in the kong enhances the experience? Perhaps it cleans the teeth, you think?

    Did you get a horse tattoo as well? VERY cool. Happy 2012!

  5. Sounds like a beautiful start to the year. Happy New Year.

  6. Reya: The sand is probably a cleanser for Reub's teeth, but not good for Eddy,who has worn his teeth down by playing constantly with a tennis ball for the past 6 years.

    I did get a tattoo! My arm is at the bottom of the stack, the one with the horse shoe.

    Hilary: Happy New Year!

  7. Those horse tattoos are super hip. And, the dance picture on the beach is amazing!

  8. Laoch: Thanks!

    Marge: Super hip!! That's us!


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