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21 December 2011


Mistletoe growing in an oak tree
We live near the setting of Twilight, the tween-vampire books and movies, and tonight is the celebration of the beginning of the winter solstice (12:30AM Dec 22). It's deep winter here in the Pacific Northwest. We have had weeks of fog and dim light, which I absolutely love: it's so moody and urges me to go in, light a fire and read a good book. Sleep a little more. Talk even less than I already do. At the same time I love the idea that day after day, for months, the light will begin to stretch itself. Until June, when I will be a little sad that the cycle already turns back on itself.


  1. what a cool, eerie, spooky shot!!!

  2. mmmm, i love this photo. i love the dim and the fog, and i wish it felt more like the dark night of winter here - it's confusing to me to have it be so....not different. 60 degrees yesterday, which made for a pleasant lantern walk, but...really? sigh. happy solstice...

  3. The photo is exquiste! Wow.

    A big ole Christmas kiss to you, under the mistletoe. Mwah!

    I also love the pics of the basketball game. How fun.

  4. Thank God the sun is coming back!

    (isn't it sad that all the cool pagan solstice festivals are gone?)

  5. I know what you mean. I'm either looking forward to longer days or else mourning their passing. What a difference latitude makes. In Mississippi, the difference in days was not so striking.


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