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02 February 2012

Random stuff, plus deliveries from Ed

It was Groundhog's Day today, and obviously we have 6 more weeks of winter, because the groundhog this dog toy sees its shadow. It was a beautiful sunny day today in western Oregon. May we have many more.

Although I do kind of miss the festive yellow sand bags in front of this house in the neighborhood where I work. The flooding is over: hurray! This place has a "For Rent" sign above the garage. Any takers?

Recently, out of curiosity I bought a "sand dab" at the store. I had never heard of these before, but this guy came from the waters of the Pacific just west of us. Very fresh.

 Thank you, Mr. Sand Dab. You were delicious, and we ate every bite.

 Just you ever play with your food? Because I do, as I make stuff. This is butternut squash being sauteed with rosemary.

 Eddy continues to deliver. This is one of my hats.

 This is one of my socks.

 A skein of yarn.

This is a Kermit puppet? Not sure where he found this, but clearly I need to straighten up the house.

What the heck. Since I am too lazy to take daily photos of Eddy, here is a synopsis from a previous post. In the past 3 weeks I can say he has brought us many of the same items:

If he brought both slippers instead of just one it would be a lot nicer.

My sandal

Ben's insole

Somebody's flip flop

My hat

John's hat

An actual dog toy, in pristine condition because it is so rarely used.

A piece of trash

A seal from a bottle

A sponge

A leaf

A coaster

A white pencil

A yellow pencil

A National Geographic map

A statement showing how much my IRA has tanked

A little jewelry case

An overdue notice from the public library

A sock

A CSA brochure

A plane ticket to Amsterdam

My contract for the next school year

Haha! Have a good day, y'all!


  1. omg - that's too funny! You should write a kid's book illustrated with these photos -

  2. oh, this cracked me UP!!! i was just waiting for the bra shot! :)

  3. Well, I've never heard them called a sand dab. It looks like a flounder to me.

    and what a funny dog.

  4. I just love your dog. Give him hug and pat from me.

  5. Laoch: Eddy is an absolutely delightful creature. Before getting a puppy 7 years ago, I researched many breeds, and chose this one because they were described as having "a sense of humor." And he does.

    Pauline: Ha! Really? What would I call it? "Stuff My Dog Delivers While I Try To Eat Breakfast" comes to mind.

    TWG: Underwear of any kind is a huge "find" for him, but a few years ago I became more careful about leaving such items lying around. Too bad, b/c it would add to the collection nicely.

    Ellen: Yeah it was a kind of flat fish. Very flounder-like. Mild and wonderful, not a bit fishy, cooked in panko.

    Tabor: I will give him a big hug from you, all the way across the US.

  6. That, dear Kerry, is lurve!
    that dog just lurves you.

    Benno has a basket in the hall full of old slippers. He insists on fetching one out and giving it to anybody who calls, burglar or friend.

  7. At first I was smiling, but as the tower of delivery pics grew longer I started laughing out loud. What a good dog!

  8. lol Kerry - how about "No, No Eddy! Put That Down!"

  9. Reya, Eddy is hilarious. It's like having a pet monkey.

    Pauline: Perfect! If only he would do that when I say "No!" I always have to trade him for it though: a toy, a treat, and of course that only rewards him.

  10. Friko: I love the word lurve, I do.

    ALRN: You're hilarious!


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