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05 June 2012

Dressing for retirement

Jobs that don't have dress codes are great. As a result of having this kind of work for quite awhile, I have a closet full of worn jeans and nice t-shirts. This means that the transition from employment to retirement will be sadly lacking in drama: no sudden switch from 3-piece tailored suits to sweats and flip flops; I'm practically there already. Still, feeling the need for light-weight travel clothes for the upcoming trip to Japan, I just went shopping.

"Going shopping" in this small town often starts as an online thing. For sheer entertainment value, it's hard to beat Amazon. See?
Cool outfit. The belt is detachable, but the wolverine claws are not, so that's kind of a deal-breaker. Not sure how washable it is either. Plus I've stopped ordering things from Amazon after reading this article about working conditions. Sigh. And I already have the glasses, so it's a shame.

Corvallis has a vibrant little downtown, loaded with small businesses and shops and completely lacking in big box stores. You have to drive 30 miles if you feel the dubious need to go to a Wal-Mart. So I went to the single sporting goods place and found something practical to wear.

There were three items of clothing, all bearing tags with inscrutable diagrams in multiple languages.

I think I paid extra money for this, a special tag that describes itself and not the shirt. It's a pity to throw this out; I'll recycle it and it can have eternal life.


  1. how on earth have you kept Walmart out? they built one here in this less than 10,000 population town and, well, we know what happens to small business when big box moves in, especially one that refuses to pay a living wage to it's employees. but the job and clothes thing, being self employed, I have to scramble to wear something nice to the occasional meeting. and if we meet more than a few times, I'm wearing the same 'nice' outfit.

  2. Ellen: Stores like Wal-Mart have to get approval from the city council, and so far that hasn't happened. There is a always a public outcry when these things come up.

  3. How cool and observant you are. I try them on, see if they are washable, looks at the price and then take it home. Never bought clothes at a Wall Mart but I tend to think big box stores have clothes that are cut for box figures...which mine is not!

  4. Now that you are retired you can make all your own clothing!

  5. twg and Reya: Seriously, the x-men outfit for women is super bad-ass and I would love to wear it! I'm not even kidding!

    Tabor: I always notice the tags & their designs. Shoulda gone into graphic design.

    Laoch: You have many good ideas but this is NOT one of them! Clothes that I might make for myself would be unintentionally hilarious; I'm that bad with a sewing machine.

  6. btw I really DO HAVE THE GLASSES. They're bright green and make me look just like an alien.

  7. I hope you know I'll be relying on you for Japanformation because I'm heading there myself soon!

  8. ALRN: Really? We'll be there later this month. We're trying to learn a few words of Japanese right now.

    I can recommend a hostel in Kyoto if you're interested.

  9. In Indiana, I was 5 minutes away from malls, Target, Walmart and the hospital. Who could ask for more!

    So, we retired to a little hamlet in Florida and it's an hour's ride to Walmart, Target AND a hospital.

    And I'm turning into a whiner.

  10. lj: Somehow I erroneously imagined that Florida is paved with malls, so I'm actually relieved to hear that there are outposts of the kind you describe. But it would be better to have the hospital closer, wouldn't it?


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