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05 December 2012

Bad ideas kittens have

Eddy here. You know how Kerry fostered a pregnant cat, and then we ended up keeping two of the kittens? I'm okay with it, I really am, although I think I probably picked up a case of giardia from them. Blech. It may have been a bad idea to raid their litter box, I'll admit that right up front: I'm sorry sorry sorry.

But I'm not the only one with bad ideas around here, and I only have them once in awhile, whereas the kittens are constantly thinking up terrible ideas.

I've been keeping a list, and in the past week alone I've seen them:

Taking a random leap onto the kitchen counter and landing on a hot pancake griddle
Playing inside a clinging plastic bag
Sneaking up on edgy Reuben when he's sleeping
Crawling inside the dishwasher
Crawling inside the washing machine
Crawling inside the clothes dryer
Napping inside a salad bowl

If only Kerry had photographic evidence for all of their crimes, instead of just a few. Here they are playing inside a  camel saddle bag, just above a 12 foot drop. Needless to say, the saddle bag has been removed. This begs the question of why Kerry and John have antique camel saddle bags in their house, but you'll  have to ask them; I have no idea why they have two of them. They have lotsa weird stuff.

It really bugs me that the kittens like to play in my bed. This house is, like, two thousand square feet and they have to be here?

And when they sleep on it they don't even curl up tight, they stretch out and hog the whole thing. It's so annoying that I have to go sleep on the couch.

Jeez Loueeze. Even that doesn't work.


  1. oh my goodness, they're cute!!! little house monsters!

  2. Oh, my goodness!!! I so understand the woes of a "mixed" family,having both a new puppy and a young male cat.

  3. Too darn cute. I think they have quite the right idea. Especially in that last image. Gorgeous felines and canine you have.

  4. What a lovely post. I very much hope that you saw "Animal Odd Couples" on PBS tonight. If you didn't, I hope you will contribute your $75 so you can get a copy. That show left me wrecked and even a tad hopeful. I mean if the world contains animals like the Great Dane that adopted an orphan deer and then put up with that deer doing its best to nurse her, and later became a loving grandmother to two litters of that deer's babies, then surely we humans can do a little more to reach out to those who are different from us but need our help.

    1. I had read about this program, but haven't yet seen it. Makes me a little teary just to read your comment. Must watch it.

    2. I should have mentioned that this Great Dane wasn't nursing, so the deer's persistent attempts to get milk from her hurt. You could see this in her face, but she was determined to be the best mother she could be.

  5. TWG: Little House Monsters! Perfect.

    Anon: :)

    Cousin Sherry: Heyyyy! I'd like to see a pic of your puppy and kitty.

    Reya: It is sweet. Still working with Reub, hoping for him to be consistently civil.

    Ellen: They are.

    Hilary: Mostly it is the last pic that shows the right idea. (Hoping that nobody ever again jumps on top of the pancake griddle.)

    Laoch: So nice, yes.

  6. Kittens ! And one's got mittens !!
    Oh dear , I knew I shouldn't look ...

  7. Oh Ed. Kittens have a chromosome for locating the one square foot of the house you don't want them in.

  8. SandS: You are welcome to look as often as you like. These two love attention, and if you were to speak to them they would both purr with pleasure.

    Murr: Little devils.

  9. so sweet ... i assume which ever one jumped onto the hot griddle jumped off even faster

    1. She was going so fast that I wasn't sure she noticed. (It was Tuck, the tuxedo kitten.)

  10. Oh, good heavens. I practically had to stuff a sock in my mouth reading this. Everyone's gone to bed and I'm busting out guffaws! Thank you for this delightful post!

    1. haha! Thanks Kathleen. Happy New Year!


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