Reub's journey

17 August 2013

Be back soon

We're off to eastern Oregon to re-charge. See ya later.

Last time I was here, smoke from forest fires made the sunset glow all around.

Sometimes in the open you look up
where birds go by, or just nothing,
and wait. A dim feeling comes
you were like this once, there was air,
and quiet; it was by a lake, or
maybe a river you were alert
as an otter and were suddenly born
like the evening star into wide
still worlds like this one you have found
again, for a moment, in the open

--from Atavism, by Oregon poet William Stafford


  1. enjoy! hopefully not too much smoke this time!

  2. Have fun! Son and I will be camping there the last week in August into the first week in September. We can compare notes when we're both back home :)

  3. I've sometimes camped where it would be so smoky that I would wonder if we were going to get caught in a forest fire. I hope your trip is a good one.


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