Reub's journey

11 May 2018


 Hello there perfect little one. Welcome, welcome into this beautiful, troubled world.

 We mothers have no idea at all what we are getting into, but we do it anyway. It is treacherous and uncomfortable, but irreversible. Not especially heroic.

What a big world out there, but when you are a parent there's a shift.

 Keeping the new ones fed and safe is the thing. Other stuff must wait.

The world is a dangerous place but you let go little by little. 

Other people come into your children's lives. Oh man. You're on a wheel that never stops, and still you are responsible, because there's no stopping the wheel.

 And for your whole life you are the model. It is a heavy responsibility no matter how old you are, or they are.

The pain, the loss, the sheer beauty of it all. That is what you have, and you emerge from it. 

Hey everybody, honor your mother and your family, for it is important and surely you have done this tangled thing together.


  1. This is touchingly beautiful. Life is a tangled thing - loved best the line, "The pain, the loss, the sheer beauty of it all." No matter which form life uses to express it.

  2. This is so peaceful and loving, a beautiful way to wake up on a chilly, rainy morning. Do you have new baby kitties or are these old pictures? Thanks for the reminder that humans aren't the only mamas who love and care for us. Happy mothers (and grandmothers) day, Kerry.

    1. I was looking through the photos from foster mama Hester Prynne. Fun to remember the kitty family and to see Tuck and Stitch as her babies. 🙂

  3. Those baby kittens are precious! Lovely words too.

  4. I have been absent for a while and had no idea you had posted again. What a glorious tale with wonderful photos. Sweet, sweet new little lives.


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