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03 April 2012

Internet detox II

Wow, I can't believe I wrote about voluntary abstention from the internet last week, and now, now i'm in the midst of an involuntary lapse. This has to do with installing a new operating system in my Mac, and failing to do it correctly, just as I imagined would happen, even though it was supposed to be easy.

Because I don't really know what I'm doing, I am bound for disaster. It's like I poured molasses into the hard drive. Or mud. I can suddenly type far faster than my computer can thgink! SEEEE? I don't notice typos for literally, minutes, because I'm way ahead of the computer, like I'm in a road race with a 90-year-old! The hard drive whirs constantly, like it's busy doing something much more important. It takes a page at least 90 seconds to load. I've grown impatient; it takes too long to do anything or go anywhere online. Much mush too long a time to load a photo. omg...mush?...I think I'll leave that one stand.

I hate Snow Leopard. No, wait, I don't. I do hate how directions are written for people with a higher level of experience than mine, which makes me feel dumb. (Oh how weird, the hard drive stopped whirring for the 1st time in 3 it listening to me? naahhhh...) Ah, never mind, it's whirring again.

I like to think of my computer as an old pal who just needs TLC. Nothing like a good attitude.

So. If you are a person to whom I send emails, visit your blog, or enjoy a Facebook connection, I may not see you for a week or so. The best that Apple can do is to set me up with a technician next Wednesday, to straighten me out. Someone who will explain why the disc didn't have a "clean install" option. Someone who will tell me which "partitions" to erase.

(ooooooh, I just got a message that a "script is not responding".... WHAT does this mean? )

OK, I know you have better things to do. Go read something good and tell me about week.


  1. Ack.. that sounds awful. You're not still booted up from the install disc, I hope...

  2. It is sad that you live far away, otherwise I would just come over and fix it for you. "Courage," as Dan Rather once said. (Much better than his other famous quote, "What is the frequency, Kenneth?")

  3. i can only sympathize. what you describe for you is how i htoought a computer should work...for reals.

  4. been there, even with a very new computer I am having some of these issues.... grrrrrh
    saw you were by the FSO site and just wanted to say HI!
    hugs Ginger

  5. These are some of the pitfalls of technological advancement ! Hope you are up and about soon !

  6. Hope your woes are righted - I used to think I knew a little something about computers but I don't think that anymore. I need a live in tech!

  7. OK, I'm back and everything is working. Didn't need no stinkin' technician. Nothing that a clean wipe of the hard drive wouldn't fix.


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