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23 January 2009

Tough time with your kid

I suppose I should make an appearance here. After all, both Ed and Reub have introduced themselves; it must be my turn. It's hard when you feel less clever than either of your dogs. Let's see, this morning I was surprised to see myself quoted in my niece's stellar blog. I sounded so wise. That was kind of fun, but then I saw that I had an email from son Ben, who wondered:

I was reading Debbie's blog, and she related some advice you had once given her about if you were having a tough time with your kid at one point, it would be easier at another time, because "everyone is good at some age." I am curious how this adage relates to yours truly. At what point did you not get me, and at what point was I good? Hmm? The terrible twos? Did you love the pre-adolescence? Or was it awkward? What time period do you wash your hands of?

I haven't answered him yet...all those times when I was a young parent, closing the door and jacking up CCR so that I couldn't hear the wailing in the other room...

Instead I think I will just claim that Ben, you were ALWAYS the perfect child, and Deb, you must have misheard me, cuz, gee, I was ALWAYS so good with them...



  1. I think Ben must have been easier as a pre-adolescent than a late-twenty-something. I wish I had known him then...

  2. Maybe so, Chrystal. Pre-adolescence was a good time! But it's easier to talk about books and movies with him now than it ever was before.


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